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The fourth design in the Signature Collection is the AL4 Minori (Harvest). Launched in 2006, it is an elaborate composition, meticulously handcrafted by the Maki-E master Takuroo Masuda. The inspiration for the design is an original watercolor painting by Jenny Lambrou which illustrates a flower, a fruit and a crop in reminiscent of harvest time on the island of Cyprus.

AL4 Minori on the Classic Legend oversize fountain pen

The Minori is a harmonious composition of golden wheat, grapevines and morning glory flowers.  

During the development of Maki-E designs, we discuss the theme with the artist who then creates color drawings to suit the subject. The drawings below formed the basis for the Minori composition.



Minori cap and barrel color drawings illustrating golden wheat, grapevines and morning glory flowers



Once the color drawings are finalized, the artist creates a line drawing of the design on e-gata paper. This is a semi-transparent tracing paper, normally used for draft work. The artist then transfers the line drawing onto the pen body and begins painting the design.

Transfer of e-gata line drawing onto the pen body:

The artist paints the pen body with transparent urushi lacquer. He then paints baked lacquer on the back of the e-gata paper and on the lines of the design so that they can be transferred to the pen surface. This process is called Okime. The lacquer painted lines of the design on the e-gata paper can be transferred on several pens before the lacquer dries.



Transfer of e-gata line drawing of Minori onto the Parker Duofold Centennial fountain pen

The decoration of the Minori combines three specialized techniques: Togidashi-Maki-E which involves sprinkled gold dust between layers of urushi lacquer. This forms the background upon which the rest of the design is built; Taka Maki-E which creates raised artwork that adds texture to the pen. The golden wheat and the grapevines are more notable through this technique; Finally, Raden which involves pearl inlay to emphasize the morning glory radiant flowers.

The rich Minori composition showcasing golden wheat, grapevines and morning glory flowers

Cyprus is an island on the eastern Mediterranean Sea.  It has two mountain regions, along the north and the south. The valley in between these mountains is cultivated with crops.  In the summer when the crops are ready for harvesting the valley becomes a sea of golden wheat.

Highlights of the golden wheat and morning glory

The mountain regions of the island are abundant with fruit orchards and vineyards. Grapevines are also a common sight in the gardens of many Cypriot houses. 

Highlights of grapevines

The Mediterranean climate is ideal for growing beautiful flowers such as roses, carnations, jasmine and morning glory.

Highlights of  sparkling morning glory and golden wheat

There is a choice for the canvas of the Minori. The Parker Duofold Centennial, one of the most celebrated pen models of all time and the Classic Legend fountain pen.

A letter of authenticity handwritten by Andreas Lambrou, which he signed with the Artist and Masa Sunami will accompany each pen.

The series is official and carries the warranty and after sales service of the Duofold or the Legend, whichever is the canvas of the design.

The pens are housed in hand made gift boxes specifically designed for the collection.

Handmade gift boxes in solid wood with a selection of finishes to compliment the color shades of the AL Signature Maki-E Art Pens

The Minori is an original and unique design. It is completely hand crafted with natural precious materials. All pieces in the series conform to the same poetic theme, but each differs just enough from the others to be truly a distinctive work or Art.


The stylish Minori composition representing Harvest on the island of Cyprus

The series comprises 15 pieces on the Parker Duofold Centennial and 15 pieces on the Classic Legend world-wide. Each piece is handcrafted to order. Please contact us for availability and price.


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