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The poet Homer

The third limited edition in the Classic Pens CP series, is the CP3 Homer Pens Iliad & Odyssey. It was the fruit of the cooperation between Classic Pens, Aurora and Murelli. The series was launched in 1995.

The epic poems known as the The Iliad and The Odyssey are among the greatest works in the whole of world literature. They are also among the oldest, dating from around 700 B.C. and are ascribed to the figure who has passed into history under the name of Homer.

The Iliad chronicles the Trojan War, believed to have been fought around 1250 B.C. Homer’s work immortalizes the conflict, and has made it the most famous in Western culture.

Iliad - Achilles, supreme Greek hero

The poem commemorates the leaders of this heroic age, the rival heroes, Hector and Achilles and the passion of Paris, Prince of Troy, for the Greek queen Helen, whose face in Marlowe’s words, “launched a thousand ships”.

Odyssey – the journey home

The Odyssey, in contrast, is a hymn to the resourcefulness, ingenuity and tenacity of the human spirit.

It charts the ordeals and adventures of Odysseus, known to the Romans as Ulysses, as he makes his way home from the siege of Troy.

Oddyseus’ eventual safe return bears testimony to the strength and durability of the bond which exists between a man and his family, a man and his homeland.

The 88 clip – harmony of
strength and elegance

The model chosen for CP3 is the Aurora 88. Aurora Due S.R.L. has been producing quality writing instruments in Italy for more than 75 years.

The model 88 was launched in 1947 and was designed by the acclaimed industrial architect, Marcello Nizzoli. It featured a refined piston-filling mechanism, and an advanced feed system which facilitated improved and regular in flow.


The 88 nib – superb design
 with writing excellence

Today, the large 88 model incorporates an ingenious hidden reservoir system which allows the pen to continue writing for at least another page after the ink has apparently run dry.

This sophisticated mechanical innovation has won the 88 a place at the “Leonardo da Vinci” Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

For more than four decades the “Glorious 88” has been used and treasured by pen lovers worldwide.

The Aurora 88 CP3 Homer Pens, Iliad & Odyssey, offer the large 88
for the first time entirely in sterling silver.

CP3 Iliad (left) and CP3 Odyssey (right) in sterling silver

The traditional art of guilloche engraving has adorned fountain pens for many years, and has been passed down through the generations.

Today master craftsmen of the distinguished Murelli R S.A.R.L. company in France harmonize this art with computer technology to produce exquisite engravings.


The strength, assertiveness and purity of this Diamond Spirale design reflects the virtues of Achilles, the supreme Greek hero.
The elaborate complexity and ingenuity of this Flamme pattern symbolizes the resourcefulness of Odysseus.

These exquisite patterns were created through the fruitful cooperation between Murelli and Classic Pens exclusively for the CP3 series.

The CP3 series of Homer pens bears witness to the imaginative originality of Classic Pens, the fastidious craftsmanship of Murelli and the technical precision and expertise of Aurora.

The Aurora 88 CP3 Homer Pens are produced exclusively for Classic Pens in a single worldwide Limited Edition of 500 pens of each design – Iliad and Odyssey.

The CP3 logo is laser engraved on the vermeil cap band specially made for this series.
Each pen is laser engraved with the individual limited edition number

Every pen is hallmarked with the sterling silver assay mark of the London Assay Office – the world accepted standard.

The CP3 series of Homer Pens reflects the Classic Pens policy of devising new and original designs which enable writing instruments to transcend their function and become future heirlooms.

CP3 Iliad  and CP3 Odyssey  in sterling silver, 1995

The Aurora 88 CP3 Homer Pens – Iliad & Odyssey are official and are accompanied by the Aurora instruction booklet and guarantee. They are further authenticated by a certificate from Classic Pens specifying the edition and individual Limited Edition number for each pen.



The pens are housed in quality hand made gift boxes specifically designed for the CP3 series. They are also accompanied by the CP3 brochure.


Handmade gift boxes in solid wood and complimentary colors were designed
exclusively for the CP3 Homer Pens – Iliad & Odyssey

The 12 page brochure detailing the CP3 series with text, photos
and specially commissioned original hand drawings by Lenya Lambrou.

The CP3 Iliad and CP3 Odyssey are sold out. If you would like to acquire either pen or a set, please contact us. We may be able to source them for you. The market value in Mint, unused condition with the original Classic Pens packaging is around $1,800 for each pen.

The CP3 Iliad and Odyssey were featured on the Pen World magazine cover, May/June 1995

This issue of Pen World contains an extensive article by Andreas Lambrou titled Guilloche Craftsmanship. The article can be viewed on the Media section of our website.


Heirlooms feed your soul.

We are proud of our art, and it is with
honor that we can be a part in your life.


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