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The fourth limited edition in the Classic Pens CP series is the CP4 Civil War Pens Washington and Richmond. It was the fruit of the cooperation between Classic Pens, Sheaffer and Murelli. The series was launched in 1997 and remembers the American Civil War 1861-1865.

The American Civil War was the most shattering trauma to have been experienced by the United States in its entire history. In four years of conflict, between 1861 and 1865, more Americans died at the hands of other Americans than were lost in all the nation’s other wars combined.

The Civil War represented the coming of age of a previously young, naïve and idealistic country. Its poignancy and its tragedy lay in the ferocity with which families were torn apart, friends and relatives pitted against each other, old allegiances and loving attachments to the land uprooted.


The end of the struggle heralded a national rebirth and resurrection – a new direction for the United States as a whole, which was to transform the nation beyond all recognition. American development acquired a dynamic new momentum, which, by the end of the century, was to make the United States one of the world’s major powers.

The Potomac River dividing the two capitals Washington and Richmond

Sheaffer’s history began in 1907 in W.A. Sheaffer’s Fort Madison, Iowa jewelry store. He sought a new filling system for fountain pens that would be simple, clean and an improvement on other filling methods of that period.

In the decades since, the company’s commitment to quality and innovation has fueled its quest to produce some of the world’s finest writing instruments. Sheaffer is known for many innovations, including filling systems such as the Touchdown and Snorkel, the inlaid nib introduced with the PFM in 1959 and the White Dot.

In 1959, Sheaffer introduced a dramatic large – profile writing instrument known as the PFM, or Pen For Men. The PFM was the first Sheaffer fountain pen to feature the now famous inlaid nib. It employed the exclusive Snorkel filling system which, like the Touchdown system allowed for clean filling without dismantling the pen.

Sheaffer’s flagship Legacy Pen, combines the big, bold styling of the PFM with precision engineering and convenience demanded by today’s most discerning fountain pen lover. Introduced in 1995, the Legacy fountain pen is distinguished by the wide – bodied barrel which tapers elegantly to a chiseled end.  The general proportions of the instrument are evenly balanced to provide a comfortable grip.

 The sterling silver Legacy fountain pen conforms harmoniously to the design details and quality associated with the Classic Pens CP series of Limited Editions.


The Legacy top – bold design with chiseled end, adorned by the famous clip and White Dot.
The Legacy inlaid nib – attractive design with writing excellence.

The inlaid design of the nib exposes the solid gold, thus enhancing its beauty while at the same time providing a firm yet flexible response.

The traditional art of guilloche engraving has adorned fountain pens for many years, and has been passed down through the generations. Today master craftsmen of the distinguished Murelli R S.A.R.L. company in France harmonize this art with computer technology to produce linear patterns in which the lines of engraving run vertically down the pen body.

Circular guilloche patterns are formed with the lines of engraving running horizontally around the pen body. They are very distinctive, substantial and of exquisite beauty, but, alas, are virtually unobtainable today. It is just such circular engravings, however, which impart the strength and complexity to the American Civil War pen. A celebrated circular  engraving machine dating from 1928 was reactivated from the museum of Murelli and was used exclusively to produce the patterns of the CP4 pens.

On this machine, each pen is individually guilloche engraved with the fastidious attention to detail characteristic of the Golden Age of machine engraving.


The density and complexity of the Washington Vague design reflects the North’s diversified culture, urban development, industry, railway system and ethnic variety. The regularity of the pattern suggests the precision and organization of a society heralding the modern Age and the variety of the United States today.
The sinuous fluid grace of the Richmond Moire pattern evokes the majestic, lazily flowing rivers of the South and the gracious elegance of Southern society. The soft waves of the pattern reflect the South’s foundation in organic agriculture and the relaxed rhythms of nature.

These exclusive patterns were created through the fruitful cooperation between Murelli and Classic Pens.

The CP4 series of Civil War pens bears witness to the imaginative originality of Classic Pens, the fastidious craftsmanship of Murelli and the technical precision and expertise of Sheaffer.

CP4 Washington (left) and CP4 Richmond (right)

The CP4 Legacy fountain pens use the famous Touchdown filling mechanism. Developed and introduced by Sheaffer in 1949, this filling system employs a pneumatically filled ink sac. The filling device empties, cleans and refills the pen in a single downstroke of the plunger. To suit modern taste, the Legacy fountain pen can also be refilled with cartridges.

The CP4 Civil War pens Washington and Richmond were planned as a limited edition of 1865 sets, the year the Civil War ended. In view of Bic taking over Sheaffer just prior to the launch of the series, an agreement was reached by Classic Pens and Sheaffer to produce just 500 sets worldwide. The CP4 pens are therefore more exclusive.

The CP4 series is official and carries the Sheaffer Warranty for the Legacy and after sales service. A certificate of authenticity by Classic Pens, giving the individual Limited Edition number accompanies each pen.



Certificate of quality from Sheaffer and Classic Pens accompanies each CP4 pen.

The pens are housed in quality hand made gift boxes specifically designed for the CP4 series. They are also accompanied by the CP4 brochure. 



The 32 page brochure detailing the CP4 series with text, photos and specially commissioned original hand drawings by Lenya Lambrou.

The CP4 Washington and CP4 Richmond are sold out. If you would like to acquire either pen or a set please contact us. We may be able to source them for you. The market value in Mint, unused condition with the original Classic Pens packaging is around $1,000 for each pen.

The CP4 pens were voted by the Zoss group as the most popular Limited Edition pens for everyday use.


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