Lambrou Pens Collection

Collection: Brief History

In 1998, Classic Pens Incorporated, a full subsidiary of Classic Pens Limited, was formed in Los Angeles, California. Its primary objective is to satisfy demand for Classic Pens products and offer an efficient service to the American market. Click for more...

Nagahara: 2003

Limited Edition of 100 pens world-wide: Edition sold out

In 1991 Sailor commemorated its 80th Anniversary with an exciting edition in wood. The pen model, called Sailor 80, is similar in form to the successful Profit. It is in fact a larger and more substantial fountain pen and the flagship in the Sailor range of full size pens. Click for more...

Kimono (Forest) & Sakyu (Desert): 2006

Limited Edition of 100 pen duets world-wide: Edition sold out

Classic Pens is known for pushing the boundaries of pen design, blending Japanese mastery and Western sensibilities in original and exciting Maki-E works. The LB2 Kimono epitomizes this philosophy. Click for more...

Jupiter: 2007

Limited Edition of 100 pens world-wide: Still available at some retailers

  • LB3 Fountain Pen US $1,995
  • LB3 Roller/Ball Pen US $1,795

The LB3 Jupiter is an exquisite inlay design of the planet, its four main moons and the heavens at night. It is handcrafted by the multi-talented artist Paul Rossi, to the demanding quality standards of Classic Pens. The canvas for this exclusive design introduces the Legend™ pen. Legend™ is a Classic Pens trademark. It is the very first pen model developed and produced by the company, it marks a new beginning and celebrates the Twentieth Anniversary of Classic Pens. Click for more...

Tahiti: 2008

Limited Edition of 50 pens world-wide: Still available at some retailers

  • LB4 Fountain Pen US $5,500

The LB4 Tahiti series was launched in 2008. The design is an exquisite and elaborate composition, meticulously handcrafted by the Maki-E master Tatsuya Tōdō. The pen is a portrait of nature scenes found on the paradise island of Tahiti in French Polynesia. It displays the beautiful flowers of red hibiscus and fragrant tiare as well as palm tree leaves which adorn the island, surrounded by the clear blue sky and pristine Pacific Ocean. The playing dolphins and turtles on the beach are popular sights on Tahiti and complete the composition. Click for more...

25th Anniversary Shizen (Nature) Pens: 2012

Limited Edition of 50 pens each finish world-wide: Now available at select retailers

  • LB5 Fountain Pen US $1,500
  • LB5 Fountain Pen with Sailor Nagahara Cross Point nib US $1,850

The first two finishes, the Kaen (violent flames) in Flame Red and the Tensui (raindrops) in Space Blue are complete and being shipped by Classic Pens. Three additional finishes will follow: Kouseki (metal ore) - a gold color, Midorigi (new green trees) - a green color, and Tairiku (continent) - a brown color. There will be only 50 fountain pens in each color for this edition. Click for more...

Lambrou Pens LB6 Virtues Pens 2016

Limited Edition of 10 pens each finish world-wide: Now available at select retailers

Retail prices with sterling silver clip:

  • Faceted $3,500
  • Round $3,250

Retail prices with vermeil (gold plated sterling silver) clip:

  • Faceted $4,000
  • Round $3,750

In 2015, Lambrou Pens worked with the celebrated craftsman and artist Paul Rossi to create the LB6 Virtues art pen series. The canvas is the company's Mythos® oversize pen at 6.0 inches long. The new art pens are fitted with the Peter Bock G-380, 18-karat gold oversize nib unit, with ebonite feed, which enhances the writing performance. The nibs are adorned with the Lambrou Pens graphics. The LB6 Virtues art pen series comprises seven finishes. The clips are hand textured by Paul with a design to compliment both the name, and the material finish of each art pen. Click for more...


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