Lambrou Pens LK1 Serenity

Limited Edition 2014

Limited Edition of 10 pens world-wide

List price: $7,450

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The new Lambrou Pens LK1 Serenity is the brain child of one of the Lambrou Pens working group members, it was born from the LR7 Moonlight. They wished for a wolf, in sterling silver howling at the Moon, with a second wolf nearby. The wolves, of course, howl to communicate with one another. During the discussion, it was suggested a painted scene of a moonlit night with wolves howling at the moon would do the theme justice.


Andreas Lambrou already met Ryan Krusac at several pen shows and admired Ryan’s artistry on his own painted pens. Andreas Lambrou suggested working together on painted pens, with more elaborate compositions for Lambrou Pens, using our Mythos oversize pen as canvas. Ryan was delighted with the prospect.

The Lambrou Krusac LK Collection

The new LK1 Serenity benefits from the craft and art of Paul Rossi and Ryan Krusac. Andreas Lambrou describes the reaction to the pen, "We exhibited the composition at several pen shows, and received very positive comments. So much so, that after talking with Ryan and Paul, we decided to make the Serenity the first series design of a new art pen collection under the Lambrou Krusac LK banner."


Painting the Special Mythos fountain pen

The Mythos fountain pen is 6.0 inches long. The Ryan Krusac painting and its thickness require a special Mythos form. Paul Rossi hand crafts the pen and the clip. He makes a groove just below the barrel threads so the paint overspill goes into this groove, rather than the barrel threads, which would be difficult to clean. Paul also reduces the barrel girth where the cap screws over, to account for the paint thickness. This allows the cap to fit onto the barrel without interfering with the painted artwork.

Making the matching Art clip

Once the painted artwork is completed, the pen goes back to Paul Rossi. He creates designs and textures for the clip – with rocks towards the bottom to follow the mountains and clouds towards the top. Notice in the images how these harmonize with, and enhance the painting.

Pen materials

The cap is crafted out of Lambrou Pens' exclusive space blue diffusion bonded acrylic. The barrel and section use a special black acrylic, which has been heat treated to eliminate stresses, which can cause the acrylic to shrink during the pen's working life.

Paint materials

Ryan Krusac uses acrylic paints and then protects the painted artwork with numerous coats of acrylic lacquer. Therefore, the LK1 Serenity art pens can be used and enjoyed by their owners on a daily basis for many years.

Certificate of Authenticity and Warranty

Lambrou Pens offers a Lifetime Warranty with every LK1 Serenity art pen. Ryan Krusac hand signs (paints) each and every LK1 Serenity on the barrel end (take note in the photos), along with its individual limited edition number. Both Paul Rossi and Ryan Krusac sign the Certificate of Authenticity along with Andreas Lambrou’s signature. This certificate confirms the individual limited edition number of each art pen.

The LK1 Serenity art pens were launched at the Washington DC Supershow on August 7-10, 2014.

The LK1 Serenity series is limited to just 10 art pens worldwide.

The LK1 Serenity Retail price is $7,450.

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