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The LS9 Iruka Dansu (Dancing Dolphins) was launched in 2004. It is a three dimensional high relief composition. The background reflects shades of blue to represent the sun blessed ocean and white foam created by the dancing dolphins. The textured gold shades of the dolphins are complimented by pearl inlay which emphasizes their sparkling eyes. The consummately executed design displays incredible detail of the high relief dolphins and the wonderful blue shades of the ocean. The Dancing Dolphins composition, to our knowledge, is novel for fountain pens.

LS9 Iruka Dansu on the Parker Duofold Centennial Fountain Pen

The Maki-E artist is Shogetsu Mitani. He is famous for his art on various Japanese objects including tea containers. Some of his creations have been purchased by the Japanese government to be used for ceremonial occasions.

The Maki-E techniques on the Iruka composition are Togidashi, Taka (raised) and Raden (pearl inlay).

The Iruka Dansu highlighting the sparkling eyes of the Dancing Dolphins
as well as the foam in the blue ocean

There is a choice for the canvas of the Iruka Dansu. The Parker Duofold Centennial, one of the most celebrated pen models of all time and the new Classic Legend full size fountain pen.

The playful Dancing Dolphins

All LS designs carry the Red Seal signature of the creating artist. The Iruka Dansu, bears the prestigious Red Seal signature of the artist Shogetsu Mitani. He also paints the individual limited edition number of the pen on the barrel end.

A certificate of authenticity signed by the artist, Masa Sunami and Andreas Lambrou accompanies each pen.

The LS9 Iruka Dansu is official and carries the Parker Duofold warranty and after sales service. The Maki-E work is guaranteed by Classic Pens.

The pens are housed in hand made gift boxes along with a 32 page brochure which has full details and color photos of all 12 designs in the LS collection.

Handmade gift boxes in solid wood with a selection of finishes
to compliment the color shades of the LS Maki-E pens

The 32 page brochure with full details and full color
photographs of the LS Collection of Maki-E Art Pens

The LS9 Iruka Dansu will be produced in just 15 pieces on the Parker Duofold Centennial and 15 pieces on the Classic Legend worldwide. Each piece is handcrafted to order. Please contact us for availability and price.

The LS9 Iruka Dansu is completely handcrafted with natural precious materials. All pieces in the series conform to the same poetic theme, but each differs just enough from the others to be truly a distinctive work of Art.


Heirlooms feed your soul.

We are proud of our art, and it is with
honor that we can be a part in your life.


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