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The Zoë Jewelry ZJ Collection pens are handcrafted in precious metals. There are three choices for canvas, the majestic Classic Legend 777L and 777 oversize fountain pens as well as the Legend 772 oversize roller/ball pen. The ZJ Collection pens are destined to become future heirlooms.

The ZJ1 Mozaique launched in 2007 is the first series of this exclusive collection. The handcrafted fountain pens are mounted with an oversize nib in 18K solid gold complimented with an ebonite feed for silky smooth and efficient writing. The nibs are offered in a range of gold finishes to compliment the pen body.

The ZJ1 series comprises a total of 50 pens. Of these 25 will be in Sterling Silver, 15 in Vermeil and 10 in 18K Solid Gold. The vermeil gold thickness is 5 microns in 23K pure gold.There is a choice of Yellow and Rose Gold.

ZJ1 Grandeur in Precious Metals
ZJ1 Mozaique 777 fountain pens  in Rose Gold Vermeil, Sterling Silver
and Yellow Gold Vermeil

A hand engraver dating from 1927 was reactivated from the Murelli Museum. On this machine, the Master Craftsman Marc Murelli, creates the Mozaique design completely by hand. The engraving process is labor intensive and very lengthy but the result is a magnificent guilloche pattern, unequalled by modern methods. And since the Mozaique pattern is completely handcrafted, every ZJ1 Mozaique in the series of 50 pens is a little different from the rest and unique

The 1927 hand engraver used for the creation of the
ZJ1 Mozaique guilloche pattern

The Legend symbolizes traditional form. Its bold, balanced shape is distinct. It stands out amongst straight shaped or streamlined models available today from other pen manufacturers.

Marc Murelli creating the ZJ1 Mozaique design using the hand engraver from 1927. With his left hand he turns a wheel which facilitates a slow forward movement of another section of the machine which holds the pen part to be engraved. With his right hand, he uses the cutter to engrave the design.

The ZJ1 Mozaique pens are handcrafted. The  Master craftsman Jean Pierre Mezan creates the cap, barrel and section of the pens in France. The talented Paul Rossi handcrafts the clips in the USA.

The 18K solid gold nibs are semi-flexible and they are matched with ebonite feeds for silky smooth, efficient and enjoyable writing. The nibs are available in Medium and a wide range of specially customized grades to suit individual customer specification. The range extends from Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Oblique and Italic, these are created specifically for individual customers by the nib Masters Richard Binder and John Mottishaw in the USA.

ZJ1 777 Mozaique fountain pen in Sterling Silver

The ZJ1 Mozaique  pens are substantial  with two length choices, 6.0 inches (777L) and 5.8 inches (777) when closed

The ZJ1 777 fountain pen in Sterling Silver weighs about 80 grams, the roller/ball pen about 90 grams. While it is a large pen, it has been created with the writer in mind. It is well balanced, offers a comfortable grip and effortless pleasant writing.

ZJ1 777 Mozaique fountain pen in Yellow Gold Vermeil

ZJ1 777 Mozaique fountain pen in Rose Gold Vermeil

The exquisite Mozaique hand engraving and the guilloche art of the Master Craftsman Marc Murelli are showcased with highlights of the ZJ1 pens.

Highlights of the Sterling Silver ZJ1 Mozaique  777 fountain pen showcasing the
Mozaique guilloche design and two tone nib

Rose Gold is popular with accessories such as wrist watches and pens. The ZJ1 Mozaique in Rose Gold is complimented by the large nib in the same gold finish. 

Highlights of the ZJ1 Mozaique 777 fountain pen in Rose Gold Vermeil
complimented with an 18K solid Rose Gold nib

The roller/ball pens use a self contained unit and accommodate both roller ball and ball pen refills such as Schmidt or Parker.

Highlightsof the  ZJ1 Mozaique 772 roller/ball pen in Yellow Gold Vermeil

The caps are adorned with bold and elegant 8mm. curved bands laser engraved with the Classic and ZJ1 logos, the name Mozaique of the series as well as the individual limited edition number of each pen.

Highlights of the ZJ1 Mozaique 777 fountain pens showcasing the guilloche engraving,
two-tone nib and laser engraved cap bands

The pens are housed in elegant hand-made gift boxes with external coverings to compliment the precious metal finish.

Handmade gift boxes in solid wood with a selection of finishes
to compliment the color shades of the ZJ1 Mozaique precious metal pens

The ZJ1 pens are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and Lifetime Warranty.





The ZJ1 Mozaique pens are custom made to order, available in two sizes of 6.0 inches (777L) and 5.8 inches (777 and 772). Average prices for fountain pens and roller/ball pens in the USA are:

ZJ1 Mozaique 777L fountain pen 

  • Sterling silver: $5,250
  • Vermeil: $5,450
  • 18K solid gold: Price on application.

ZJ1 Mozaique 777 fountain pen and 772 roller/ball pen

  • Sterling silver: $5,000
  • Vermeil: $5,200
  • 18K solid gold: Price on application
The pens are available from select retailers in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

ZJ1 Mozaique 777 fountain pens in Yellow Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver

ZJ1 Mozaique 772 roller/ball pen in Yellow Gold Vermeil and 777 fountain pen in Sterling Silver

The pen is a very personal accessory. The ZJ1 Mozaique pens are handcrafted in precious metals and they are adorned with an exquisite guilloche hand engraving. All pieces in the series conform to the same poetic theme, but each differs just enough from the others to be truly a distinctive work of Art.


Heirlooms feed your soul.

We are proud of our art, and it is with
honor that we can be a part in your life.



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